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Richard Randolph – Changing Lanes

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Contemporary and Smooth Jazz Saxophonist, Richard Randolph, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, co-founder of Columbus-based Smooth Jazz band, NexLevel, and saxophonist of UrbanJazzCoalition, has such versatility and finesse that captures your soul at the very first note. His skilled ability has allotted him a wide experience of performing with artists of many disciplines, and his sound has no limitation from soul-jazz, R&B, and funk.

He picked up a saxophone at the age of twelve and contributes his first taste of the true essence of music from his eldest sister, Dr. Charsie Randolph-Sawyer, Emeritus Professor of Music at Calvin College, along with his humble beginnings in church.

He continues his onward journey of music mastery, with his debut single release “Changing Lanes" written by Richard and produced by chart-topping guitarist/producer, Adam Hawley. Listen to Changing Lanes on Smooth Jazz Buzz (Playlist 15/5).


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